Lawrence F. Hackney CPA

Date Houston Solutions Service

Lawrence F. Hackney is a data analysis and process automation consultant with almost 30 years of experience. 

“My first client, a hospital system, assigned me to work with their controller to help develop their annual budget. The project required gathering, analyzing, and preparing data to provide reports for senior management. I enjoyed the assignment so much, that it redefined the scope of my services. At L. Franklin Hackney CPA, PLLC, I have clients in oil & gas, healthcare, death care, utilities, transportation, environmental & waste, financial institutions, manufacturing, construction, etc.”


“Strong independent worker. Detailed. Thorough. Conscientious. Comes ready to serve.”

-David Assistant Controller, Revenue Accounting Mid-sized Oil & Gas Exploration Company

“Professional. Totally ethical. Above board. Hardworking.”

 Keith, Manager, Property Administration Mid-sized Oil & Gas Exploration Company

“Technically sound. Consultative. Darn good guy. Trustworthy.  Lots of positive client feedback.”

Leslie, Principal , Accounting Resource Firm

“He’s always available. He’s always responsive. He’s an excellent communicator.”

 Memie, Operations Planning Manager, Mid-sized Oil & Gas Exploration Company