Primary Services

Anybody can give you what you ask for. Few can give you what you really need.

  • Spreadsheet/Database Design & Automation

  • Data Mining and Extraction

  • Merger & Acquisition Data Integration/Divestment Data Carve Out

  • Budget/forecast planning & analysis

  • Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Special Projects

“Strong independent worker. Detailed. Thorough. Conscientious. Comes ready to serve.”

-David Assistant Controller, Revenue Accounting Mid-sized Oil & Gas Exploration Company

“Professional. Totally ethical. Above board. Hardworking.”

 Keith, Manager, Property Administration Mid-sized Oil & Gas Exploration Company

“Technically sound. Consultative. Darn good guy. Trustworthy.  Lots of positive client feedback.”

Leslie, Principal , Accounting Resource Firm

“He’s always available. He’s always responsive. He’s an excellent communicator.”

 Memie, Operations Planning Manager, Mid-sized Oil & Gas Exploration Company