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For Corporate Leaders with Accounting Pains

As a leader in your organization, you need timely, accurate financial reports to make wise operational decisions. Unfortunately, your accounting department is overworked and understaffed. The generic reports you are getting from your accounting system/ERP do not provide all the information you need. You pass paper around the office scrambling to prepare for routine audits. Long accounting closing cycles leave your entire team exhausted.

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It is possible to create accurate reports with significantly less effort.

I help Corporate Leaders just like you create custom data solutions. My process of applying analysis, logic and critical thinking has helped recover significant productive time and increased efficiency within accounting departments.

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For Corporate Vendors with Struggling Clients

Have your client’s accounting processes begun to interfere with how you can operate your business? You are the banker who can not get accurate reports from a client so you can approve their loan. You are the auditor who can not get your client to prepare schedules so you can begin the audit. You are the IT services firm who now looks bad because your client is struggling with report building. You are the attorney who is helping negotiate an acquisition but cannot get consolidated reports to complete the deal.

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Accurate and timely reports from your clients are possible.

Corporate Vendors just like you refer me to their struggling clients to create custom data solutions. My process of applying analysis, logic and critical thinking has helped recover significant productive time and increased efficiency within accounting departments. I help your clients be more efficient so YOU can be more efficient.

I enjoy referral partner relationships where we work together toward success for our clients. Schedule a call with me to discuss your clients’ reporting needs. We can likely help each other.

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Data Mining and Ad-Hoc Report Preparation

You need to extract and analyze large volumes of financial data that is dispersed across spreadsheets, databases and other software. But you are unsure of the best methods to organize and present the data solution. I use logic and critical thinking to turn large volumes of data into a summarized data solution you can use to make informed decisions.

Financial Modeling & Automation

Most ‘canned’ system reports do not help you answer specific ‘what if’ scenarios. Financial statement modeling allows you to analyze your business plan under different hypothetical situations. Through logic and critical thinking, I generate pro-forma financial statements that are in a format familiar to you, so you can review how industry specific economic variables could affect your company.

Merger & Acquisition/Divestment Data Integration

Employees don’t always have the expertise needed when combining or separating financial data during mergers, acquisitions or divestment activity. You need specific expertise to keep financial data accurate during this critical period. As an independent consultant, I’ve helped many clients with custom data solutions during these activities.

General Ledger & Subledger Conversion

During mergers, acquisitions, divestments, ERP upgrades or complete software changes, data must be converted from one system to another and then tested for integrity. Using logic and critical thinking, I set up solutions to automate data entry from your subledgers and outside processes to the general ledger via interface protocol. Then I test these interfaces for accuracy during implementation and periodically throughout the cycle.

Audit Support & Clean Up

An unavoidable – and often mandated business task – is the financial audit. Whether quarterly or annual, external or internal, the audit can be time consuming. I help with

  • pre-audit preparation so you can confidently go into an audit; and
  • post audit clean-up to implement audit suggestions and reduce time and fees during the next audit.

Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning

Publicly held companies use budgets and periodic forecasts to help provide guidance to Wall Street analysts and investors. Privately held companies use budgets and forecasts to help predict cash-flow and future profitability. I use analysis, logic and critical thinking to prepare and ensure accuracy on these reports so stakeholders can make informed financial decisions.

Special Projects

When long standing accounting issues need to be addressed immediately, I analyze the situation using logic and critical thinking then solve the issues in a timely manner.

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